Custom Exhibition Stands

custom exhibition stand design


Custom Exhibition Stands in Dubai offers a unique and captivating solution for businesses looking to make a powerful impact at trade shows, exhibitions, and events in the vibrant city of Dubai. With its reputation as a global business hub and a hub for innovation and creativity, Dubai provides an ideal platform for companies to showcase their products and services to a diverse international audience.Custom exhibition stands are tailor-made structures designed to reflect a company’s brand identity, values, and objectives while creating an immersive and engaging environment for visitors. These stands go beyond traditional booth setups, incorporating innovative design elements, cutting-edge technology, and strategic layouts to create a visually stunning and highly functional space.The companies specializing in custom exhibition stands in Dubai work closely with their clients to understand their specific requirements, brand image, and goals. They offer comprehensive services that encompass the entire process, from conceptualization and design to fabrication, installation, and dismantling. By leveraging their expertise and experience, these companies transform ideas into captivating visual experiences that captivate the target audience and leave a lasting impression.

The design of custom exhibition stands in Dubai embraces creativity and innovation, employing a range of architectural elements, lighting techniques, and multimedia integration to enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality. From large-scale structures to intricate installations, the stands can be customized to accommodate various spatial requirements, ensuring optimal utilization of the available space.One of the key advantages of custom exhibition stands is their flexibility. They can be designed to accommodate different booth sizes and configurations, allowing businesses to adapt to the specific requirements of each event. This adaptability ensures that companies can maximize their presence, regardless of the venue or exhibition layout.


A custom exhibition stand is a unique and tailor-made booth or display area created specifically for showcasing products or services at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, or other promotional events. It is designed to represent a brand or company in a visually appealing and engaging way, incorporating various elements like graphics, signage, lighting, interactive features, and more..

Custom exhibition stands tooffer several advantages over standard or modular options. They allow you to create a distinctive brand presence and stand out from competitors. Custom stands can be designed to match your specific requirements, brand identity, and marketing objectives. They provide flexibility in terms of size, layout, and functionality, enabling you to create a truly unique and immersive experience for visitors.

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The process involves the following steps:

  • Consultation: You will discuss your objectives, budget, branding guidelines, and any specific requirements for product displays with the exhibition stand provider.
  • Design Concept: The design team will create initial concepts and 3D renderings based on your brief. You can review and provide feedback for revisions until the design meets your expectations.
  • Based on the feedback the design will be altered to be finalized.
  • Material Selection: Once the design is finalized, the team will suggest suitable materials, finishes, and construction techniques for the stand.
  • Production and Assembly: The stand will be fabricated and assembled by the exhibition stand contractor according to the approved design. This may include printing graphics, constructing structural elements, integrating lighting, and installing interactive components.
  • On-site Installation: The contractor will transport the stand to the exhibition venue and handle the installation and setup. They will ensure everything is in place and functional before the event begins.
  • Dismantling and Storage: After the event, the contractor will dismantle the stand and either store it for future use or dispose of it, depending on your arrangement.

The time required for exhibition stand fabrication depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the size of the stand, the availability of materials, and the efficiency of the fabrication company. We advisestarting the fabrication process at least 3 months in advance, based on the size and complexity of the stand.For example, a stand size of 150 sq. meters and above shall ideally commence at the design stage at least 3 months in advance of the show date. This allows healthy design development, which is the key to avoiding any form of flaws. At DEC EXPO Creative, we follow a very healthy stage-by-stage development plan from concept to final fabrication and installation of the Exhibition stand to ensure complete satisfaction to the exhibitor.

Several factors can influence the cost of a custom exhibition stand, including:

  • Size and complexity of the design
  • Materials and finishes used
  • Custom features and interactive elements
  • Graphics and branding requirements
  • Installation and dismantling services
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Additional services like audiovisual equipment or furniture rentals

It’s recommended to discuss your budget and requirements with the exhibition stand provider to get an accurate cost estimate.


Yes, there are specific regulations and guidelines that need to be followed when constructing exhibition stands in Dubai. These regulations ensure safety, compliance, and adherence to the standards set by the relevant authorities. It is important to work with experienced exhibition stand companies who are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that your stand meets all the necessary requirements.

While it is possible to make changes to the custom exhibition stand design after it has been finalized, it may involve additional costs and may impact the timeline for fabrication and installation. It is crucial to communicate any changes or modifications as early as possible to the exhibition stand design company to evaluate the feasibility and make necessary adjustments to the plan.

Yes, Dec Expo offers on-site support to ensure the smooth functioning of your custom exhibition stand during the event. Their team will be available to address any technical issues or concerns that may arise.

Dec encourages client involvement in the design process. They will collaborate with you at every stage, from initial concept to finalization. You can provide feedback, suggest changes, and work together with their team to ensure the design meets your expectations.